Current Needs

Juarez, Mexico Outreach: Alfredo Tabares, our missionary in Juarez, has been experiencing a shortfall in his support.  Pray with us that God will provide for his needs. Alfredo has been a missionary for more that 25 years.

​​Video Projector:  $800.00   Our video projector is worn out.  We have replaced the bulb, but it still is not working correctly and is not cost effective to repair.

​Building Maintenance:  Gym lights, T-4 ballasts (5), foyer carpeting, parking lot sealcoating, commercial door maintenance…just to name a few things.

​​$5,000.00    For construction of a mission church in Juarez, Mexico to be used for church
                    and children’s ministry.   (This is also a missions trip opportunity)

$5,000.00    Parking Lot repairs at the Outreach Center

$1,200.00     Carpet replacement in the old Outreach Center Building.

$3,000.00     Road Repairs at the Gospel Ranch

Gospel Ranch Bible Camp Needs:We are nearing completion on our multi-purpose building at the camp, but there are a few items that have gone over budget, and some that still need to be funded...

1.       Air Conditioning-We have gone over budget and need about $3000.00 for one more 5 ton unit.

2.     Paint/Texturing in kitchen ($250.00)

 3.Cabinets/Counter Tops ($2,000.00)

4.Drainage system for kitchen. ($750.00)

Van/Bus Repairs: Our bus needs new batteries before summer. ($200.00)

Outreach Center/Camp Supplies: Juice packs, candy, snacks, whole dill pickles, paper cups, plates, toilet paper, paper towels. trash bags and cleaning supplies